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Phase Divider

Divider - is a module that manipulates frequency of sawtooth signal with range from 0V to 10V. Such signal is used to transmit phase of transport and generated for example by Clock module or by any LFO which is capable of unipolart sawtooth generation. Divider is similar to Clock Dividers, but it can't work with clock described by pulse and only supports phase as input. Also it supports swing.

Main Purpose

Main purpose of that module is to convert phase signal with some frequency to phase signal with another frequency. Ratio between frequency of input phase and frequency of output phase can be changed with controls and CV. Result of such process is displayed on the next graph:

Here you can see that ratio of 4:1 makes output to go 4 times slower than input. Such conversion is able to convert the phase of your 4/4 beat to phase of one bar of such beat. And, for example, ratio of 4:5 can generate a polyrhythm.


Swing factor allows to set ratio between length of each even phase and each odd phase:

Main panel


  • Swing - swing factor CV. Range is from -5V to +5V.


    Voltage range of this input is scaled to the remaining range depending on current position of Swing Factor

  • From - CV of ratio numerator.

  • To - CV of ratio denominator.

  • Phase - phase input. Range is 0V - 10V.

  • Reset - phase reset.


  • CLK - clock output. Impulses are generated with each new phase.


    This output can be switched to Gate Mode in right-click menu. In Gate Mode it outputs long pulses (1/2 of phase) instead of short.

  • Phase - resulting phase. Range is 0V - 10V.


  • From - ratio numerator.

  • To - ratio denominator.

  • Swing - swing factor.


    Knob has marks for values of 25%, 33%, 50%, 66% and 75%.


  • Ratio - current ratio between frequency of input phase and frequency of output phase.